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Huey Lewis opens up about his hearing loss

ln an interview with Montana’s Whitefish Review last month, rocker Huey Lewis revealed that the loss of his hearing had made him consider taking fatal drug overdose, saying, “This has absolutely ruined everything.” But while the singer can no longer perform due to hearing issues frigged by Meniere’s disease, he’s got a new album out and a resilient spirit.

The album, expected to be the final one put out by the group, known for ‘80s rock hits like “Power of Love” and “I Want a New Drug”, comes two years after Lewis and his bandmates were forced to cancel their 2018 tour following the gravely-voiced singer’s diagnosis of Meniere’s disease, an inner ear disorder which can affect balance and hearing. It can cause sounds to appear distorted, which mean Lewis can’t accurately hear what he’s singing or playing or stay in tune with his band.

“I went onstage, and it was horrible,” he recalled of a Dallas gig in January 2018, when his symptoms came to a head. “It was just unbelievable. Couldn’t hear anything. Sang out of tune. Had the worst night of my life.”

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